Sea-Tac businesses honoured for eco-initiatives!

April 23rd, 2014

Businesses at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) have been awarded for their environmental initiatives. They were recognised in the 4th Green Gateway Environmental Excellence Awards by the Port of Seattle Commission being honoured the business partners for their environmental leadership, and those who best champion sustainability. The winners included Alaska Airlines who won in the Airline Tenant Environmental Innovation category for its work with the Port of Seattle and other airport partners. The carrier won for its electric ground service equipment programme which aims to replace 45% of the fossil-burning ground support vehicles with electrics and for its greener skies initiative, which both help reduce carbon emissions. Dufry AG and the Hudson Group picked up the accolade in the Airport Retail Tenant Environmental Performance category for various energy saving projects made in three duty free stores and at a Hudson store. Whilst HMSHhost won in the Airport Dining Tenant Environmental Performance section for reducing waste at five restaurants and leading Sea-Tac’s food donation initiative in 2013 by donating 21,790 pounds of food.

Commission co-president Courtney Gregoire said: “We are excited to honour our airport tenants and employees for creating new standards of environmental excellence in our region and industry. We applaud the efforts of our award winning partners to create and implement out-of-the-box sustainable solutions as we move forward with the century agenda and our goal of being the greenest and most energy-efficient port in North America.”

Sea-Tac handled more than 34.7 million passengers in 2013, and is the 15th busiest airport in the US.

Today it’s Earth Day!

April 22nd, 2014

In honor of this are running a contest to plant 10,000 trees in Haiti. For every $25 donation to plant 25 trees you’ll receive an entry into the contest for a $500 eGift Card and will also plant 100 trees on behalf of the winner. If you donate $50 to plant 50 trees you will receive 2 entries!

Go to to register and take part.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere; its history is marked with political instability and poverty. Recently, Haiti has faced significant natural disasters, mainly earthquakes and landslides. The worst effects of these natural disasters are linked to deforestation and unsustainable land management. Plant trees in Haiti today and you’ll be honoring the planet while you help us provide agricultural techniques and 400,000 seedlings to 800 farmers over the next year.

The cause of climate change is manmade

April 14th, 2014

We must solve the problem by reducing our emissions by 50-85% globally by mid-century. Reducing our emissions by just 2% per year would enable us to achieve this. Our partner helps individuals and businesses understand climate change and to develop practical and cost-effective solutions to slow, stop and reduce our climate crisis. So please visit their website and have a look at what you can do to help –

What is wheelchair theft costing you?

February 20th, 2014

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Happy Presidents Day from everyone at staxi

February 17th, 2014

Click to see Troy’s musical tribute